Thursday, August 31, 2006

Iran's Ahmadinejad - crazy or genius? What are we up against?

My first impressions of the new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were, “Here comes another evil nut. They pop up everywhere!”

But am I still sure that he’s an evil nut?

I still believe he’s evil, but I am no longer sure about the nut part. Our good friend Saddam Hussein, aka ‘the rabbit’, was an evil nut. He was crazy, would ramble, would kill his own countrymen and was found in a rabbit hole.

This guy is not ‘a rabbit’. In fact, if you’d ask his countrymen, they’d probably call him, ‘Robin Hood’. He is charismatic; steals from the rich (the US and co. – oil) and gives to the poor (the Iranians). He also gives to the new Iran - Lebanon.

This past Tuesday a delegation from the Iranian government paid a visit to Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, Prime Minister Fuad Siniora and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

Upon completion of the tour, the head of the Iranian delegation Ali Saeedlou said that Iran is prepared to have a substantial share in the reconstruction of Lebanon.

He said,

“After my negotiations with the president and prime minister of Lebanon, it was agreed that we would start the first phase of assisting the people of Lebanon with the reconstruction of their roads.”
“Iran has agreed to repair damaged schools and religious sites, and will start reconstruction work within the shortest possible time.”

There you have it – gives to the poor – and the Arabs love him for it.

I would say that it’s time the world governments realize what they’re up against. It’s not terrorists, men who are hated by the nation. They are up against fathers, sons, brothers and cousins. In Iraq, children look out for American soldiers, to tell the terrorists to hide.

Unfortunately, we are at war with men who are beloved by their country and a leader who is more charismatic then Donald Trump. He is in fact better than The Donald. The Donald can only have one wife, this guy can have as many as he likes!

It's a battle of the body and it is also a battle of the mind and heart. Who will win the mind and hearts of the Arab nations. Until we learn the terrorist techniques it is impossible to win them.

If I was an Arab, Ahmadinejad would be the greatest leader in our history. That is of course, until he blows up all his followers.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kyra Phillips Tastes Her Own Medicine

Well, well, well...

It looks like "Live From" anchor Kyra Phillips owes someone an apology.

On July 17 she said about the open mike of President Bush,

"President Bush had choice words about the Mideast crisis today in Russia. A microphone picked up comments meant for the British prime minister's ears only.

"CNN's Kathleen Koch is at the White House with the details. I think everyone likes to see those raw moments from time to time, Kathleen."

It looks like people do like to see raw comments and not only from President Bush. On Tuesday Kyra Phillips herself was caught unguarded. She wasn't talking to Prime Minister Blair at a conference, rather she was talking to a friend in the bathroom! She also wasn't critisizing foreigners, but was critisizing her own family!

She had apparently left the set around 12:48 p.m. EDT Tuesday for a bathroom break while the news channel carried Bush's speech marking the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Phillips' wireless microphone was turned on and picked up about a minute and a half of a muffled conversation she had with an unidentified woman where she apparently talked about her husband, laughed and talked about her brother.

"I've got to be protective of him," she said without being aware that the mike was on. "He's married, three kids, and his wife is just a control freak." CNN anchor Daryn Kagan broke into the telecast immediately afterward updating viewers on what Bush had been saying.

It looks like we all have our rare moments from time to time. That's fine. Just don't put them on air and if you do, please don't say them in the bathroom!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Letter from President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Lately Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been trying to suck up to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He sent her a letter in which he tries to find common ground and writes that both Germany and Iran has been screwed over by the west and the Jews.

This is the full text of his letter:

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Her Excellency Angela Merkel

The Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany


Please accept my warmest greetings.

If it had it not been for Germany being a great contributor to progress in science, philosophy, literature, arts and politics;

If it had not been for a more important and positive influence of Germany in international relations and promotion of peace;

Moreover, if it had not been for the persistence of a strong will by certain global powers and special groups to constantly portray Germany as defeated and indebted country of World War II in order to continue their extortions;

And if it had not been for the presence of Your Excellency at the top of the executive branch of your country as an experienced stateswoman with bitter and sweet experiences in two dissimilar societies with different political systems and traditions,

And at the same time, if it had not been for the advantages that are limited to women, such as stronger human sentiments and certain manifestations of the divine compassion and kindness, specially in the position of a mother and being at the service of the people, and the common responsibility of all people with faith in God to defend human dignity and worth and to prevent violations of their rights and their humiliation, and proceeding from this conviction that we are all created by the Almighty and He has bestowed upon us all dignity and no one has any special privileges over the other, and under no circumstances could a society be deprived of its rights, barred from pursuit of progress and perfection or be controlled or humiliated;

Finally, if it had not been for the oppression, however different, of our nations, our shared responsibility to promote justice as the most basic foundation for promotion of peace and human equality, I would not have found the motive to write this letter.

Honourable Chancellor

Rulers come and go, but people with culture and history and their attachments and desires will keep on staying. Opportunities in front of those in position of high power are transient, even if they may be vast and broad. These opportunities are very auspicious and can play a key role in the negative and positive transformations and developments of a nation.

Those in position of high power do not normally have many opportunities, but are accountable before the Almighty and people due to their high responsibility. We know this, and you know it as well.

Some of these developments can have regional, continental and global ramifications and can hardly be overlooked.

For sometime I have been thinking why some nations that their history shows they have indeed had an important and prominent share and role in material and spiritual progress of mankind in various arenas of science, arts, philosophy, literature and politics and were makers of civilization are not allowed to be proud as a nation of their historical accomplishments and play their deserved and constructive role on the global arena. They try to keep the black cloud of humiliation and shame hanging over their heads. And even more regrettably, some of the leaders of such a nation regard this situation befitting them and their nation and try to justify it. This is really an astonishing phenomenon in today’s world. The propaganda machinery after World War II has been so colossal that has caused some people to believe that they are the guilty party by historical accounts and must pay the penalty fort the wrongs committed by their forefathers for successive generations and for indefinite period of time.


World War II came to an end with all its material and moral losses and its 60 million casualties. The death of human beings is tragic and sad. In all divine religions and before all awakened conscience and pure nature of mankind and the sense of right and wrong, the life, property and honour of people, regardless of their religious persuasion and ethnic background, must be respected at all times and all places.

Sixty years have passed since the end of the war. But, regrettably the entire world and some nations in particular are still facing its consequences. Even now the conduct of some bullying powers and power-seeking and aggressive groups is the conduct of victors with the vanquished.

The extortion and blackmail continue, and people are not allowed to think about or even question the source of this extortion, otherwise they face imprisonment. When will this situation end? Sixty years, one hundred years or one thousand years, when? I am sorry to remind you that today the perpetual claimants against the great people of Germany are the bullying powers and the Zionists that founded the Al-Qods Occupying Regime with the force of bayonets in the Middle East.

The Honourable Chancellor

I have no intention of arguing about the Holocaust. But, does it not stand to reason that some victorious countries of World War II intended to create an alibi on the basis of which they could continue keeping the defeated nations of World War II indebted to them. Their purpose has been to weaken their morale and their inspiration in order to obstruct their progress and power. In addition to the people of Germany, the peoples of the Middle East have also borne the brunt of the Holocaust. By raising the necessity of settling the survivors of the Holocaust in the land of Palestine, they have created a permanent threat in the Middle East in order to rob the people of the region of the opportunities to achieve progress. The collective conscience of the world is indignant over the daily atrocities by the Zionist occupiers, destruction of homes and farms, killing of children, assassinations and bombardments.

Excellency, you have seen that the Zionist government does not even tolerate a government elected by the Palestinian people, and over and over again has demonstrated that it recognizes no limit in attacking the neighbouring countries.

The question is why did the victors of the war, especially England that had apparently such a strong sense of responsibility toward the survivors of the Holocaust not allow them to settle in their territory. Why did they force them to migrate to other people’s land by launching a wave of anti-Semitism? Using the excuse for the settlement of the survivors of the Holocaust, they encouraged the Jews worldwide to migrate and today a large part of the inhabitants of the occupied territories are non-European Jews. If tyranny and killing is condemned in one part of the world, can we acquiesce and go along with tyranny, killing, occupation and assassinations in another part of the world simply in order to redress the past wrongs?


We need to ask ourselves that for what purposes the millions of dollars that the Zionists receive from the treasury of some Western countries are spent for. Are they used for the promotion of peace and the well-being of the people? Or are they used for waging war against Palestinians and the neighbouring countries. Are the nuclear arsenals of Israel intended to be used in defense of the survivors of the Holocaust or as a permanent thereat against nations of the region and as an instrument of coercion, and possibly to defend the interests of certain circles of power in the Western countries.

Regrettably, the influence of the Zionists in the economy, media and some centers of political power has endangered interests of the European nations and has robbed them of many opportunities. The main alibi for this approach is the extortion they exact from the Holocaust.

One can imagine what standing some European countries could have had and what global role they could have played, if it had not been for this sixty-year old imposition.

I believe we both share the view that the flourishing of nations and their role are directly related to freedom and sense of pride.

Fortunately, with all the pressures and limitations, the great nation of Germany has been able to take great strides toward advancement and has become a major economic powerhouse in Europe that also seeks to play a more effective role in international interactions. But just imagine where Germany would be today in terms of its eminence among the freedom-loving nations, Muslims of the world and peoples of Europe, if such a situation did not exist and the governments in power in Germany had said no to the extortions by the Zionists and had not supported the greatest enemy of mankind.

It is sad to admit that Europe has lost a lot of its clout in global interactions and has not been able to face and overcome major challenges by relying on itself. This is, of course, understandable. The big powers outside of the continent intend to prove that Europe cannot rely on itself and do anything without their help and intervention.

Our people have also suffered from the interventions by some of the victors of the war after World War II. For many years they interfered in our internal affairs and did not want to see our nation conquer the pinnacles of progress and perfection. They had their eyes on our natural wealth, above all on our energy resources. To secure their own interests, they overthrew the legally constituted government of the time, installed a dictatorial regime and supported it to the end. Later, they supported Saddam in the war imposed on our people and observed no humanitarian boundary in their support for the Iraqi dictator. Our nation has experienced the pain and anguish from the interferences of those who are now crying out for human rights. There are still many suffering from the wounds and injuries of this war.

Many of these aggressions have taken place by those who regard themselves the victors of the World War II. They allow themselves to do whatever they wish, and unfortunately, after the end of the Cold War, the arrogance and expansionist ambitions of these powers have escalated.

We believe that still a major part of the peoples of the world and even international organizations are under the influence of the behaviour and the conduct of the victors of the World War II.

I explained the position of the people and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations General Assembly. Is the present state of affairs such as the rules governing the work of the Security Council, especially the right to veto, fair?

Do you not think that the time has come to change these rules in cooperation with independent governments? These rules are by no means acceptable to the collective conscience of nations and are contrary to the sense of reason and human nature. At least, if we want to be fairer, some other countries of the world should be allowed to benefit from the right to veto.

Madam Chancellor

You are familiar with the pains and sufferings currently afflicting our world. Today, the pain and suffering of the people of Iraq that come from occupation, absence of security and daily acts of terrorism are tormenting the entire humanity. Relentless interferences of some bullying powers in the internal affairs of other nations, antagonism toward the inalienable rights of nations to have access to more advanced technologies, subjecting nations to permanent threats by relying on arsenals of chemical and nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, opposition to popular governments in Latin America, supporting coup d’état and dictatorial regimes, absence of due attention to Africa and taking advantage of the power vacuum there to plunder their wealth are among the problems facing our world today. In my letter to President Bush, I spelled out a long list of contemporary global problems.

Where are the roots of these problems? How long can they continue? Do you not think that the main root lies in the fact that some of the rulers and powers of today have distanced themselves from the teachings of the divine prophets, the teachings of Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) and the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

These teachings are in all divine religions that you and I believe:

· God is the creator of all things and beings. We have all been created free and He has not allowed us to be the servant of anyone other than Him.

· He has commanded us to worship Him and to avoid all oppressors and tyrants.

· He has commanded us to be virtuous, to be good to and serve the people, and has directed us to be kind to and defend the oppressed and fight the oppressors.

· God has given humans dignity and scorns their humiliation.

· He has sent his messengers with clear reasons, the Book and a balance and has called on his servants to promote justice.

Based on these shared principles and foundations of our faith, we believe:

· Peace and tranquility can only be established and endure on the basis of faith in God and justice.

· Peace and dignity are the rights of all nations.

· Pursuit of progress and better livelihood combined with spirituality, compassion and well-being is the right of people.

· You and we can found a new movement to achieve these noble human ideals by relying on these principles and the articles of faith that are common to all divine religions.

Our nations believe and are committed to these pillars of faith. The history has shown that the people of Iran are not familiar with aggressing and brutalizing other nations. Nevertheless, we do not allow being the subject and victim of aggression and brutality. The experience of the eight-year war clearly demonstrated this fact to the whole world.

I believe we and you have both been the subject of tyranny. They do not respect your rights and want us also to forego our rights. Fortunately, I have heard that you also speak your mind openly and are against engendering tension and wars.

Honourable Chancellor,

The inner instincts and nature of the peoples of the world have wakened up.

Tendency toward faith in the oneness of God is on the rise.

People will no longer tolerate to be tyrannized, humiliated and their rights violated.

The prevailing circumstances today differ from those of yesterday. Multiple standards and approaches in relations will not endure.

Iran and Germany can play a more important role together in the international arena by relying on the noble and high values.

This cooperative relationship can also enhance the role of Europe on the global scene and serve as a model of cooperation between two governments and nations.

Without doubt, cooperation of two peace-loving, powerful and cultured nations of Germany and Iran will serve the interests of Europe as well. Together we must end the present abnormalities in international relations, the type of order and relations that are based on the impositions of the victors of the World War II on the defeated nations. Nations and many governments will be on our side on this path.

We must make the shadow of World War II disappear and help the international community to promote security, freedom and sense of tranquility.

The people of Iran and Germany are two great nations that have contributed to the making of our civilization. They have rich culture and have been in the forefront of science, literature, arts and philosophy. Both of our people have a strong faith in God and follow the teachings of divine prophets. They have also had long-lasting scientific, cultural and commercial relations and share many valuable mutual interests.

I have no doubt that with the cooperation of the two governments and the support of the two great nations we can take great strides forward in alleviating the problems and abnormalities of our world today.

Daring and courageous decisions are the key to our success in overcoming the existing problems, countering the violations of rights and defending the rights of nations.

To the extent that I know of the people of Germany, they will come along and join us and want restore their dignity and influence for the sake of global peace and calm. Our people have the similar spirit.

Together we will be able to prove to some powers that respecting other nations and their rights is good for them as well. Our two nations and governments, next to each other, will be able to play a fundamental role in promoting peace, security, progress, and human dignity at the scale of two countries and internationally.

In closing, I pray to the Almighty for the success of Your Excellency and the government and people of Germany.

Boulder Police Just Worked it out! John Karr is Innocent!

BOULDER, Colorado - The US police should hire bloggers as detectives. What we have known all along was just 'discovered' by a Boulder judge. John Mark Karr is innocent! (of this crime!)

The case against Karr started to crumble Saturday, when a forensic expert determined that DNA mixed in with a spot of JonBenet's blood found on her underwear did not belong to Karr.

Prosecutors said that finding contradicted Karr's statements about what he did to the girl.

"If Mr. Karr's account of his sexual involvement with the victim were accurate, it would have been highly likely that his saliva would have been mixed with the blood in the underwear," Boulder County prosecutors said in a motion they filed Monday to dismiss Karr's arrest warrant.

"No evidence has developed, other than his own repeated admissions, to place Mr. Karr at the scene of the crime," the motion said.

Prosecutors also were swayed by what they described as "strong circumstantial" evidence provided by Karr's family that he was with them in Georgia during Christmas 1996, when JonBenet was struck in the head and strangled with a garrote in her family's Boulder home.

"That's what we've been saying all along," said Larry Garrison, a spokesman for Karr's family.

It is also what I have been saying all along. I think I should join the Boulder police force. The sad truth is I don't think I can. I'm too qualified!

Monday, August 28, 2006

UN will ask Syria to Police Itself from Itself

BEIRUT - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Monday he would ask Syria this week to set up diplomatic ties with Lebanon and police its side of their border against arms smuggling.

"It is important that the borders are protected and there are no attempts to rearm," Annan told a news conference.

"Lebanon has seen too much conflict. There are too many arms in the country. We don't need any more."

In other words, the Syrian Army must make sure that the Syrian government will not give Hezbollah weapons.

Kofi, wake up! The Syrian government were the ones supplying Hezbollah with arms. Kofi, wake up!

Bring Natascha Kampusch home to her parents

May an 18 year old girl with psychological problems get to make her own decisions?

According to the Austrian Police, she may.

Vienna, Austria – Natascha Kampusch, a girl who spent eight years in a dingy underground cell as a prisoner of 44-year-old Wolfgang Priklopil until her dramatic escape last week, wants some privacy from the world - and her parents.

The Austrian Authorities say that she does not presently wish to see her parents and therefore doesn’t have to. Unlike the Elizabeth Smart in the US, this girl wasn’t delivered home and was told she does not have to go home. The silly Austrian authorities think that after many years of feeling unloved and having no one there for her, she’ll remember that her parents love her and will ask to see them.

Quite unrealistic if you ask me.

Natascha also issued a statement Monday defending her captor as "part of my life" and insisting she didn't miss anything during her long ordeal.

The reason for this is because she has Stockholm syndrome. It is a disease where the prisoner sides with the captor, and considers his actions just and correct.

This implies that she is not capable of making her own decisions.

On the other hand, Austrian officials claim that a medical exam showed she was capable of making her own decisions.

I do not wish to disregard the medical exam and I am sure she is capable of deciding what type of coffee she wishes to drink. This is not the decision she is being asked to make here. She is being asked to acknowledge her family and realize that they love and miss her. This is a decision she is incapable of making. If she thinks her captor is right, her family will be wrong. They hate the man she has spent so many years with. In her eyes he is a good man, in theirs' he is evil. She has a problem with that. She thinks her parents are wrong because she is still sick. She has Stockholm syndrome and therefore cannot make her own decisions.

I therefore say to the Austrian government, “Bring Natascha home!”

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Can Ehud Olmert be Trusted? Ask Ehud

Can Olmert be trusted?

Depends who you ask.

Ehud Olmert thinks he can be trusted.

Olmert told the Israeli ministers on Sunday that the deployment of the Lebanese Army along the Israeli-Lebanese border was a situation that one could have only "fantasized" about before the war.

"If a month and a half ago someone would have suggested such an objective, the public would have reacted by saying one should not propose unachievable goals (such as this)," Olmert said.
"I am not arguing that everything has changed, but it is indeed possible to say that Lebanon is experiencing a turning point," the prime minister added.

Obviously he has convinced himself that he achieved something in the war. According to his theory, I would ask him, what took him so long to accept the peace fire?

Well, the fact that he didn’t accept the peace-fire straight away tells me that he didn’t achieve his goal.

So, Ehud, keep on talking.

More talk…

He promised the Israeli people – never to swap soldiers for terrorists, for if they do so, the terrorists will kidnap more soldiers.

Hizbullah's leader Hassan Nasrallah claimed in the first post-war interview on Sunday that contacts were being held to bring about a prisoner swap between Israel and Hizbullah.

Nasrallah, who spoke with Lebanese NTV television, announced that he was willing to begin negotiations and that Italy had taken an interest in playing a lead role.

Did Olmert lie?

I think he has an excuse.

Nasrallah also said that Hizbullah would not have kidnapped the two IDF soldiers had he known that Israel's response would be so intense.

According to this they won’t kidnap soldiers again as they don’t want the Israelis to attack them.

But hey, can Nasrallah be trusted?!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

NZ kid is killed for stealing parents car

A NEW Zealand teenager whose parents decided to send him to prison to teach him a lesson for taking the family car without permission has died after being bashed while being transported in a police van.

Liam Ashley, 17, was assaulted in a Chubb Security van as he was being taken to Mt Eden Remand Prison from court in Auckland on Thursday night, Radio New Zealand reported.

He had been offered bail at court but his family decided he should go to prison and experience the serious consequences of breaking the law.

The Ashley family said Liam suffered extensive brain damage after being strangled - and they were devastated by his death. They now want answers from the security company involved.

Thirteen other prisoners were being transported in the security van at the time. The van was divided up into secure sections and Liam was travelling with two other prisoners in one compartment.

I must say that you can't help but feel sorry for the stupidity of the parents. They obviously didn't realise that when you steal, you don't go to white collar jail, but spend time with real criminals. These guys molest each other. Some are also famous for something else - murder.

Friday, August 25, 2006

John Carr Deserves What's Coming

BOULDER, Colo. John Mark Karr arrived Thursday on a state Polce plane to the city where 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was slain to face charges.

He arrived shortly after 5 p.m. on a state plane and was not wearing a prison jumpsuit. He was wearing dark slacks and a red shirt.

Karr's first few hours at the jail will include physical and mental evaluations, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said. He will be locked alone in an 8-by-10-foot cell, away from the other 480 inmates as Prison authorities are worried that he may be attacked for being a child molester.

Boulder County prosecutors have refused to detail any evidence they might have, but in a court filing this week said investigators didn't learn of Karr's name until Aug. 11, five days before his arrest in Thailand. They said he was arrested in part because they feared he might get tipped off and vanish.

This proves what I and many others wrote that chances are they got the wrong guy.

On Thursday details emerged of Karr's first marriage in 1984 to a 13-year-old girl, Quientana Ray. The marriage lasted only a short nine months as he was over-possesive with his wife. He did not even allow her to take a shower alone.

I don't know how the first marriage was allowed to happen, but what I can say is that whether he was the killer or not, he definitely deserves what he's getting.

Oh, and when the police get their act together they can send him to a mental institution as well.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

As Katrina Aniversary Nears, Expect Another Hurricane

As next weeks aniversary Hurricane Katrina nears, it looks like we're in for another Hurricane.

According to forecasters, Tropical Storm Debby has been gathering strength Wednesday off the coast of Cape Verde over the far eastern Atlantic. Satellite images indicate that the winds have increased to 45 Miles Per Hour.

According to Richard Pasch, a hurricane specialist, it may turn into a hurricane within four days, but there is no indication that it will threaten land.

For the entire 2006 season, which ends November 30, NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)is projecting a total of 12 to 15 named storms of which seven to nine will intensify to hurricanes, including three or four becoming major hurricanes—rated at Category 3 or higher.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

UN on Lebanon - We are Pessimistic

The UN delegation to Lebanon and lead by Vijay Nambiar, Special Political Adviser to Secretary-General Kofi Annan reported that there is currently a security vacuum in Lebanon.

Mr. Roed-, a member of the delegation, spoke to reporters before the delegation leaves Israel for Europe to brief the Secretary-General on the details of its meetings.

He said, “The reason for pessimism is that until there is a capable and fully deployed Lebanese force along the borders, and in Southern Lebanon, and until there is implemented a full reconfiguration and deployment of an international force there will – up to a point, and I emphasize – remain a security vacuum in Lebanon.”

It's unfortunate that they waited for a war to work this one out. Let's hope they do better in Iran.

Iran to say No to the UN

As the deadline nears, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refuses to give in to possible UN sanctions. Iran is set to reply Tuesday to an offer by world powers aimed at resolving a nuclear standoff.
If they don't accept, the UN will impose sanctions.

According to todays speech given by the Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucher Motakki in Pretoria, South Africa, it appears that they want sanctions. In his address he claims that the UN resolution against Iran is 'discriminatory', and Iran, 'insists on its statutory right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes'.

The South African Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said that Iran has a right to Nuclear energy, but must resolve their issues peacefully through the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In a speech given by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Bileh Savar this passed August 16, the president said, 'the Islamic Republic will not give up its right to full nuclear fuel cycle'.

Where is Armitage Now?

The Associated Press seized it. The news channels are jumping on it. The blogs are diving into it.

The news is out. The original leak source in the Valerie Plame case is Richard L. Armitage, the previous U.S. Deputy Secretary of State.

Should we impeach him?

Well, I think the media has forgotten.

Richard L. Armitage retired in 2005 and no longer works for the state. He has moved to bigger and better things. He is the current president of Armitage International L.C., an advisory company to businesses operating internationally. They claim to have fortune 100 companies amongst their clients.

He is also a director of ConocoPhillips, an oil company.

So, let’s move on to something else. Catch someone who’s still in business.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Italy to Lead UN Lebanon Security Force - Who Wins?

The latest out...

The Israelis have asked the Italians to lead the new UN beefed up security force in Lebanon.

As I was interested in knowing the reason, I looked up Italy on the website for the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Both countries have been a target of terrorism. A slate as March 2004, Italy was attacked in the Madrid Train Bombings. As such, the Italy wishes to stop terrorism at any cost. Therefore, on 4 December 1986, after an attack on one of its passenger liners, the ‘Achille Lauro’, they made the ‘Israel-Italy Agreement on the Struggle Against Terrorism’. It is an agreement to share information about terrorism and other crimes known to the two countries.

In my opinion, Olmert believes that the Italians will give him any information they have on Hezbollah, as well as make sure that Hezbollah cannot function in Lebanon.

But, has Israel made a grave mistake?

In June this year, Massimo d'Alema was sworn in as Italian foreign minister. On a 12 June 2002 speech in California, he referred to Israel as a 'terrorist state' and implied that the Palestinians were slightly justified in the killing of Israeli men, women and children.

Is this the man who Israel can rely on to close this war, or does he want to close the flow of information between Israel and Italy? Will he let the Lebanese government take over, or will he help lead the Hezbollah to another war?

Of course, his goal would not to be war, but to a weaker Israel and stronger Palestine. There would also be hundreds of casulaties.

But, does he care? He'll say, 'Suicide bombing is sort of right'.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Did he John Carr kill JonBenet Ramsey?


I was reading earlier today that John Mark Karr, the man accused of killing JonBenet Ramsey had a disorder. Not just one disorder, but two or three.

Everyone knows that he has been spending time in Thailand - he was caught in Thailand.

What is less reported is the reason he was in Thailand.

According to the New York Daily News, he was visiting a surgical center that specializes in sex-change operations. In the nine months spent in his hotel he only made 12 phone calls. Nine of which were to plastic surgeons. Obviously he has issues.

But is it possible that this is not a disorder? Is it possible that he was trying to change his name and start out a new life?

I don’t think so.

Recently, his ex-wife Lara who immensely dislikes him told KGO-TV in San Francisco Karr was with her in Alabama the entire Christmas season that year and she did not believe he could have been involved in JonBenet's murder.

So if he was not involved, why take the blame?

John Mark Carr is not your average man. He married his two wives when they were 15 years of age. He is looking to have a sex change. He also has a love. A girl who was killed. He wants to be connected to her, but did not know how.

He now knows. He has made his name synonymous with hers. Whenever his name is mentioned, hers is as well.

Does he belong in a prison? Let the jury decide.

Meanwhile, please let him visit a hospital…

Friday, August 18, 2006

Weird News - Animal Eating Boy

Authorities in Indian state of West Bengal rescued a 15-year-old boy tied to a tree for nine years because he used to bite dogs and goats besides gnawing on the feet of relatives and neighbours, officials said today.

Rahul Amin Dhali was just six when he first bit a dog in Biramnagar village, 60km north of Kolkata, the state capital, they said.

A few days later he bit from the flesh of a family member. He then bit a goat and dog.

After neighbours' complaints, the Dhalis chained their son by the wrist to a tree in front of their house.

Dhali had the habit of nibbling at his hands and feet when he failed to lure dogs and cats for a bite.

Doctors said the boy was suffering from a serious neurological disorder and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Kolkata for treatment.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The New Airport Security


I was amazed!

SYDNEY, Australia
The latest story of a bomb threat was this evening in Sydney Airport. I happened to be there last night. I arrived was on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney. At the time I felt safe. Although I am currently not sure how great our security is, I would not hesitate to fly again as I can’t stay home forever.

The airline receives a call, ‘There’s a bomb on the plane!’
The plane lands in Sydney and security surrounds the plane. The passengers remain on the plane for the next hour.

What were they waiting for? The plane to blow up with the passengers on board?!

Does it sound ridiculous? Well, it is!

Hours earlier:
BOSTON, Massachusetts - A woman panicking from claustrophobia caused a Washington-bound flight from London to make an emergency landing in Boston on Wednesday, sparking a major security alert.

According to CNN, ‘The woman was carrying hand lotion, matches and a standard Phillips screwdriver. Up to four books of matches and screwdrivers shorter than 7 inches are allowed on flights, according to the Transportation Security Administration. But under the tighter restrictions, hand lotion is not.’

So her sin was the lotion, on the other hand the matches and screwdriver are allowed.

Truth be told, if you can blow up a plane with lotion, you can definitely blow up a plane with matches. In fact, they’ve been making bombs like that for at least a hundred years. Should matches not be illegal?

A day earlier:
LONDON, England -- Despite a high level of alert at British airports, a 12-year-old boy managed to board a plane at Gatwick without a passport, ticket or boarding pass. The boy was detected on Monday by a member of the Monarch Airlines cabin crew only after he was seated and had been given a drink and a snack.

It is true they caught him. But, it is not as a result of the competence of the security and the crew, rather as a result of the incompetence of a mere 12-year-old boy. Give him a few years and he’ll be better.

We are days after an alleged terror threat against planes, in particular British planes. Can the security establishments not take their job seriously?

I think the international security agencies must rethink their strategies.

May it be soon…

Monday, August 14, 2006

Flying Overseas - what to take on the plane

Flying overseas?

Is there anything at all we may take on a flight?

With all the hype going on whether one may take carry on luggage on the plane, I looked into a few of the international airlines to see what their procedures were for carrying on flights.

What I found is that the airlines are quite cool and happy for you to take whatever you want on board. It is the national airport authorities of the respective countries who make the rules.

Therefore, the rules differ depending on the country of departure and country of destination.

The toughest regulations are from the UK. Till today, on any flight originating in England, both domestic and international, the passengers have been restricted to carrying select belongings in a plastic bag. The regulations can be found on the BAA (British Airport Authority) website at

With the threat level going down, these regulations are in the midst of changing.

From Heathrow Airport starting on 15 August 4.30 AM, passengers will be allowed to bring a small piece of hand luggage onto the plane.

From all other British Airports, passengers are already able to bring a small hand luggage. The security guidelines for the UK will be at the end of this article.

The US has a much lighter screening process:

Passengers on flights originating in the US may take their regular hand luggage with the exception of liquids.

Baby formula and breast milk is allowed if the child is traveling. Prescription medicine must match the name on the ticket. Up to 8 oz of liquid or gel insulin and up to 4 oz. of non-prescription liquid medications are permitted on board.

All shoes are to be x-rayed.

Unlike a common misconception, electronics are allowed on board all flights with the current exception of flights originating from Heathrow Airport.

An interesting difference between the US and England is in regard to liquid baby formula. On flights originating in England it will be necessary for the parents to taste the formula, on flights originating in the US it won’t.

Unfortunately, the airlines are a little slow when it comes to telling their passengers about the changes. As of the time this Blog went to print, many of the airlines had not published the security changes. These include United Airlines, American Airlines and British Airways. Qantas on the other hand was current.

All the security measures are from flights to and from the UK and the US. Flights traveling between most other countries are not subject to these strict security measures.

The security guidelines for Hand Luggage originating in the UK:

Strictly one item of cabin baggage per passenger, no bigger than the size of a laptop of small rucksack - 35cm (13.5 inches) wide x 45cm (17.5 inches) long x 16cm (6.5 inches) high.

The bag must NOT contain:
- Any liquids, cosmetics or toiletries, including gels, pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures, perfumes and the contents of pressurised containers - these must be checked in as hold baggage
- Cigarette lighters are NOT permitted in hold baggage or through the security search.

The bag CAN include:
- Electronic equipment including mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3 players (such as i-Pods)
- Prescription medicines in liquid form, e.g. diabetic kit
- Baby milk and liquid baby food (the contents of each bottle MUST be tasted by the accompanying passenger)
- Laptops must be removed from the bag for x-ray.

All remaining items in pockets should be placed in the clear plastic bag provided, e.g. car keys and fobs, cash, solid food, books, newspapers, cigarettes and tobacco. Pushchairs and walking aids are permitted but must be x-ray screened. All wheelchairs will be subject to search. Please note: You may be subject to a hand search by the security team and required to remove footwear to be x-ray screened.

Once in the departure lounge passengers may purchase any item in any store and take it onto the aircraft as normal. If traveling to the USA it is not permitted to bring liquid on board even if bought in the departure lounge.

I hope this helps all those who wish to fly. Please feel free to comment below to tell our readers of your feelings about these security changes and of any difficulties you may have endured while traveling.

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