Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Boulder Police Just Worked it out! John Karr is Innocent!

BOULDER, Colorado - The US police should hire bloggers as detectives. What we have known all along was just 'discovered' by a Boulder judge. John Mark Karr is innocent! (of this crime!)

The case against Karr started to crumble Saturday, when a forensic expert determined that DNA mixed in with a spot of JonBenet's blood found on her underwear did not belong to Karr.

Prosecutors said that finding contradicted Karr's statements about what he did to the girl.

"If Mr. Karr's account of his sexual involvement with the victim were accurate, it would have been highly likely that his saliva would have been mixed with the blood in the underwear," Boulder County prosecutors said in a motion they filed Monday to dismiss Karr's arrest warrant.

"No evidence has developed, other than his own repeated admissions, to place Mr. Karr at the scene of the crime," the motion said.

Prosecutors also were swayed by what they described as "strong circumstantial" evidence provided by Karr's family that he was with them in Georgia during Christmas 1996, when JonBenet was struck in the head and strangled with a garrote in her family's Boulder home.

"That's what we've been saying all along," said Larry Garrison, a spokesman for Karr's family.

It is also what I have been saying all along. I think I should join the Boulder police force. The sad truth is I don't think I can. I'm too qualified!


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